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Social Distortion Skelly Disc Toddler T-Shirt

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It’s weird… Social Distortion is one of those bands — like Agent Orange or Circle Jerks — that you completely associate with punk rock. Usually, if you’re a fan, you’re aware of more than just one of their songs — because, c’mon, it’s muthafreakin’ Social D! But to be honest, as much as I respect Mike Ness and the rest of SD, “Ball and Chain,” “Ring of Fire,” “I Was Wrong,” and “Story of My Life,” are the extent of my Social knowledge. (My immediate apologies go out to Mr. Ness).

Don’t get me wrong, I feel shame about this lack of knowledge, but not as much shame as I feel about HOW I came across Social Distortion as a teen. While most people discovered this band through a friend who gave them a tape when they were a teen, I found out who Social D was through the movie Reality Bites — one of my favorite movies of all time. So yeah, there ya go. Let the snicker-snacking commence forth.

While I sit and brood for a moment, I’ll allow my hands to do the talking and inform you about this awesome Social Distortion Skelly Toddler T-Shirt. Their signature logo — totally important for a band to have — of a skeleton holding a cigarette and martini glass (looking way cooler than the alternate version seen on Grateful Dead merch), is now available for toddlers up to age four. This made-in-the-US banner for baby bodies is guaranteed to inform your “Social Delinquent” (like that?) about Social D at a young age, as opposed to at 19 via a Ben Stiller movie.

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