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Sofa Boy

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It seems somewhat absurd, but it is a factual truth that human beings have died from playing video games too long without a break. This is not intended to be some sort of call to arms against game playing; after all, I’ve sat down for a marathon ten hour session if a new game has come out I’ve been looking forward to. But it is still the case that some folk simply cannot walk away once they’ve started playing, depriving themselves of much needed food, water, and even bathroom breaks.

This comedic little book is intended to get couch potato nerdlings up and at ‘em after they’ve been on a six hour World of Warcraft bender. The book features some lovely illustrations and tells the sad tale of a boy who refused to quit playing to the point he eventually became attached to his couch at the hip, ultimately winding up as a sideshow attraction for curious onlookers. The tale serves not only as a caution against excessive gaming, but also as a warning that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Moderation is something best learned early in life, and what better way than with this here entertaining book.

Now it’s time for a little anger management.

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