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Sonic Memory Challenge

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Due to the spiny mammal’s well-deserved, lasting popularity, Sonic the Hedgehog has seen many spin-offs over the years. He’s even been in comics and four animated shows. Sonic has tried pinball, racing, party games, and many more outlandish ideas. The hedgehog even starred in his own fighting game, in addition to a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, I don’t recall a “Kid’s Card Game Zone” anywhere in the series.

Sonic is paired here with the classic memory matching game. Your kids select cards that have been turned face down. The challenge is to remember which cards have been placed where, as the only way to win is to match cards by picking two of the same. This Sonic version introduces Chaos Emerald cards, which give your kids additional objectives that are thrown into the mix. These cards change the strategy of the game, adding more depth than other matchmaking games. After taking turns between players, whoever has made the most pairs is declared the winner.

The card faces contain all the characters from the Sonic franchise that your little gamers love, from Tails, Robotnik, and Shadow, to the blue blur himself.

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