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Sonic Youth T-Shirt

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Every indie rocker kid (whether they are a hipster or not) felt a massive wave of shock, denial, and disbelief when they heard the terrible news about the split between Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. Then came the next inevitable step: a race to every music website known to man for confirmation of the news. How could this be true?!

It just didn’t make any sense. They’d been together for twenty plus years. They recorded Goo and Daydream Nation, and collaborated with pretty much anyone who’s anyone in the world of music. Yeah, they were snooty to Nardwuar, but whatever to that, they were Nirvana advocates in the late 80’s before anyone knew Nevermind, and that’s pretty damn cool.

Despite Kim and Thurston’s waltz down divorce lane, no-wave fans should remain positive that in the coming years there will be lots and lots more sonically diverse anthems performed solo and in a group. There may even be a reunion some day. So don’t cry, ok? Just pass on the love to your tiny art rocker with some Sonic Youth memorabilia.

The famous Goo cover decorates the front of this one-of-a-kind T-shirt and inaugurates your kid as a toddler with fantastic musical taste (with the exception of his or her unshakable love for Raffi). In a review of Goo, Rolling Stone Magazine declared that “Rock & roll, or what’s left of it, may never be the same. ” Your little indie rocker will never be the same either after shaking things up in the baby world with this homage to your favorite Sonic Youth record. With sizes available for tots four and below, there’s nothing better you can do for little Susie or Billy than to present them with the songs of Goo through subtle wardrobe saturation. They’ll go ga ga for ‘em.


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