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Sourpuss Dead Kennedys Onesie

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It’s fun to sit and ponder the musical crimes that our favorite bands have committed in the past; to ask what the heck they were thinking and what they could’ve been smoking. It’s a fun game to play while you’re sandwiched next to someone on the bus with weight issues or really bad breath, or in traffic after a long day of doing boring stuff that you can’t remember because you work in an office (sidenote: quit immediately). And musical crimes are important to address, not only as fans, but as musicians, as a way of analyzing that period of insanity rendering such weird decision making.

So if you are curious about the exact definition of “crimes”, crimes are basically anything that involves one (or many) of the following: different musical directions that made no sense, fashion faux-pas that didn’t work, alter egos (ie: Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines….so bizarre), crappy albums that were unlistenable, core member replacement, etc. Any of these are crimes we’ve had to live through, and yes, Metallica has been guilty of all these and then some.

As crimes, or “moves” by our favorite bands have bothered us to no end, if you’re an older fan of punk rock raising your children on punk, then the Dead Kennedys–who unfortunately fall into the “music crimes that made us cry” category–are a band your kid(s) know well. And while we disagree with their audacity to tour regularly without Jello Biafra, it’s something that we’ve come to accept. That’s why a Soupuss Dead Kennedy’s onesie, with the classic DK logo on the front is a fine way of showing the world that you and your babe appreciate the good old days when Jello was running for governor and DK was the center of California punk, while mourning the current state of DK, too.

Musical crimes hurt and teaching this to your baby at an early stage is fabulous parenting in my opinion.

Turn your kid on to Dead Kennedys by watching this! But just to pre-warn all you parents, Jello has a bit of a potty mouth, so you might want to skip forward some.

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