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Space Invader Shorts

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When Space Invaders was released in 1978, one could argue that gaming culture really began. High scores were constantly challenged, truancy increased, and Japan even had a shortage of 100 yen coins due to the popularity of the game. True to its name, it invaded the homes and hearts of nerds everywhere.

Space Invaders has since taken a backseat to newer, faster, and better graphics, but it has remained a pop-culture icon, a universally understood symbol for gaming (at least in our universe it is, what universe do you live in??). With their beady one-pixel eyes and confusing amalgamation of limbs, these guys have made it on posters, stickers, apparel and have even become one graffiti artists’ muse

These shorts sold by Cradle Rock are a great way to let these aliens invade your own home. Help your child appreciate the humble beginnings of gaming while taking a trip down memory lane. Being 100% cotton makes them comfy and easy to wash, which is good news since most children love mess almost as much as they do gaming.

Besides “little bundle of joy,” what better way to describe a child than “space invader”? They come in, they wreck the place, and somehow get you to love every minute of it. If only they came with that ominous theme song that quickens when they’re up to something.

If you need a reminder about how amazing the game is, try this online version:

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