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Space Invaders Bib and Burp Cloth

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Who allowed so many of the Space Invader aliens to congregate in one place?! This is way too many aliens! I’m used to five, maybe six rows, tops, and that’s not counting the fact that these rows are much, much longer than anything I’ve ever seen. How are we supposed to shoot all of these down? I’ve got it! Bring in the intergalactic super baby! With it’s food attack, it can take out large chunks from the alien force all at once! That could be the push we need to get through this invasion. Quick, prime the intergalactic super baby for immediate departure, and bring lots of baby food; we’re going to need it!

Here, we have a Space Invaders themed set of bib and burp cloth. The bib has a snap closure, and measures 9”x12.5”, making it the right size for any baby. It also comes with a 9”x16” burp cloth, which features even more aliens than the bib does. Space Invaders was an 80’s classic, so bringing back something that we enjoyed as kids for our kids (even if they are a bit too young to appreciate it just yet) makes a great gift either to friend who has kids, or as a gift to yourself. It’s easier to clean up a mess when you’re amused, anyway.


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