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Space Invaders Wall Decals

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Artistic parents carefully plan, design, and paint their kid’s bedrooms. Rich parents hire artists to create epic murals on their child’s walls. Smart nerdy parents just buy some large stickers, a case of beer, and do it themselves. All joking aside this wall decals are probably the best inventions since blacklight posters and cone incense. Who doesn’t want to go to sleep fantasizing about menacing 8-bit aliens slowly descending on your house?

The decals can take some time aligning and placing, so I would hold off on that brewsky until after you are done. Make sure you have a tape measure and level handy. You’ll be quite impressed with yourself once you finish, plus no toxic fumes from painting.

Get your kid started early on fighting those aliens. She might just be the last starfighter. At the very least she’ll be prepared to shoot down those drones once Skynet takes over. An especially, awesome prank is to make your kid think that the Atari was just released and Space Invaders is the best new thing next to Cool-Lots. Pure genius, right?

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