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Space Shuttle Fullstack Playset

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Kids have wild imaginations. With just a few simple astronaut figures, your child is likely on a team of elite astronauts, sent to the planet of Zogmor to investigate an electrical anomaly that has shut down the alien’s power reserves. Without the help of the elite team, the Zogmorians will lose their food stores to spoiling as a result of their power outage. This would cause catastrophic damage, but if I’m right, your kid is probably going to be the one to save the day. All from having a few astronaut figures.

Let’s upgrade that set with an awesome space shuttle! The Space Shuttle Fullstack Playset straight from the Kennedy Space Center comes with that elite team of astronauts, functional cargo bay doors, plus an entire shuttle for endless intergalactic adventures. There’s also a flag, too, presumably for planting into the ground once the astronauts arrive at a planet that humans don’t already own (which is pretty much all of them). These are supposed to be diplomatic missions, though, so let’s keep the flag planting to a minimum, okay?

Let’s face it, pushing toys like the Space Shuttle Fullstack Playset on our offspring is a necessity if there’s going to be any chance of continuing the space program and gettin’ the hell off this rock.

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