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Spaceman Leg Huggers

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There’s cute, then there’s CUTE, and then there’s CUTE and also NERDY! That’s these leggings; blue leggings which fit both babies and young kid with, unless our eyes deceive us, a James Bond Moonraker allusion on the side (the rocket’s designation is 007).

To be serious for a moment, this year we lost a great American hero; when Neil Armstrong passed away in August, it served as a pretty somber reminder that no human has walked on the moon in 38 years – two entire generations. Since when did babyboomers get to have all the fun? Nobody born after 1935 has walked on the moon. 1935! Somehow, we’ve collectively lost our spacefaring direction.

Time to change all that: get your kids interested in space travel now. Talk to them about the Apollo, Mercury, and Gemini programs. Early interests often spill over into adult life; if you’re interested in getting your kid into astrophysics and space travel, and if you want to honor some of America’s greatest scientific achievements, these leggings are a fun and adorable first step in doing so. Who knows, maybe the first person to walk on Mars will have been born right here in 2012!

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