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Spontuneous Party Board Game

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Most music geeks seem to have this weird tick; hearing a word (mainly during any and all conversations–even serious ones) from a song they’re familiar with automatically prompts them to sing said song and then apologize to whomever for doing so immediately after they’ve finished. This guilt comes from being compulsive. Singing “Vow” from Garbage is the inappropriate response to give when someone tells you that they’re grandmother recently died.

Luckily, all children and the parents responsible for passing along this annoying personality trait (flaw? nah), have a place to display their mild form of tourettes syndrome–all judgements aside–with Spontuneous, a board game that encourages musical insanity against others who know as much useless music-related factoids as you do. Teaming up with family and friends (or the people you haven’t driven away already) and playing against one another for the coveted prize of nothing, except to prove that watching countless hours of VH1 Classic is actually good for something, is a great way to not feel so alone in the world. The only tricky obstacle is the 15 seconds you have to come up with a song, but knowing you, 15 seconds will be far too much time to waste. You won’t be shy in stating this to teammates or opponents either, because you are a 10-year-old music snob who knows everything.

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