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Spooky Skeletons 3D Changing Puzzle

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With the craze of three dimensional, well, everything, seeming like it has no real end in sight, we may as well get accustomed to seeing every childhood toy become enhanced with super awesome extra dimensions. What better way to embrace the inevitable than by taking the time to build a 3D puzzle of Spooky Skeletons?

It’s not 3D in the sense that it extends along more than two axes, but rather it fools the eye with the illusion of depth within its two-dimensional surface, as if some seven-level wizard has cast Hallucinatory Terrain on your wall. And if that’s not enough, the spooky scene of four skeletons getting down like John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever,” transforms into an equally spooky scene of bats, owls, moths, and … badgers, doing normal woodland animal things like walking around and smelling things.

This 56-piece puzzle will provide an hour or two’s engagement for your kindergartener without being too challenging. The best part is that in the end you’ll end up with something to hang on your kid’s wall to help them ponder the symbol of our own fragile mortality that resides within us all. And badgers. They should also contemplate badgers.

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