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Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids

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Let me start off by saying that I’m a horror everything fanatic. I love all things that are scary and all things that go bump in the night (that aren’t people trying to break into my house to steal stuff). I love horror movies and books, spooky Halloween specials on television (watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? on a regular basis when I was a kid), and dragged my family and friends to haunted houses that weren’t even scary to begin with. I’m a hardcore geek of horror. I pride myself on watching IT when I was like eight, and Child’s Play when I was ten because my dad didn’t see anything wrong with that for some reason. Of course I don’t credit my ongoing fear of clowns and dolls–or my inability to comfortably watch either of those movies–because of it. (Ok, maybe just a little).

Singer, Voltaire–whose name is not to be mixed up with the eighteenth-century writer–agrees with me. As a fan of scary things himself, he’s made a living writing songs about the darker, spookier sides of life (the ghouls and the vampires and the lost souls who roam amongst the shadows at night) with hair-raising music to back it all up.

On his album of spooky songs to creep kids out, aptly entitled Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids, his mixture of rockabilly, goth and dark cabaret music with lyrics about eating brains (like on the song, “Brains!”) and what to expect when the dead arise (“Day of the Dead”) is a throwback to a time when showing your love for gothy music while wearing crosses and a whole lot of black raised eyebrows. Now it’s just the norm.

So, attention older goths: if you have kids, show Voltaire some love by creeping the holy living spider webs out of those soon-to-be-gothic miniatures of yours….but please stay away from anything clown-related. Those things can really do some damage.

Here’s Voltaire singing Brains!


  1. Aurelio Voltaire

    Thanks for plugging my CD! However, let me suggest you get it right from the source! Amazon gets the CDs from so I recommend that your readers get it here instead: Thanks!

    • NWCAdmin

      No problem, we made the change above. Thanks!

  2. We have this album, and its a fantastic album! My kids ADORE Voltaire. If you aren’t as liberal as we are about language and topics and such… this is PERFECT. (ie: clean). And even if you are…. its one you can play w/ other peoples kids around 😛

  3. Skaught

    Excellent review! I think this is just what my little girl needs this year.

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