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Spot on Square – Roh Crib

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Lush. Gorgeous. Artfully designed. Would you have ever imagined using these words to describe your infant’s crib? No. That’s because the dreck they offer at those big chain stores dredge up memories of your brief stint in San Quentin for… well, let’s not mention what you did (or didn’t) do. Suffice it to say, most cribs come in annoyingly infantile colors and designs, and would certainly look out of place in the sophisticated and deliberately planned nursery (or let’s call it, living environs) you’ve designed for your child.

The clear, acrylic material that panels the “walls” of this crib, create a sense of freedom that traditional cribs don’t offer. Or, to put it more simply, it’s see-through! The mattress is adjustable, to take your baby from infancy to toddlerhood, which is the best feature of all. A conversion kit is available so you can transition this lovely piece of furniture into a toddler bed. So, thankfully, no Disney Cars beds loom in your future. Need we even mention that the materials used are BPA and phthalate-free, and the frame (obviously) utilizes locally-sourced wood. Made in the USA (a rare claim for most products), this amazing crib will fit perfectly into your sustainable, loca-philic philosophies.

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