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Sprayground Game Over Backpack

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The dreaded “game over” screen has been experienced by even the very best gamers in the world, along with the crushing disappointment and angry button-mashing that often leads to a broken console. Here’s a product to make light of the gamer’s worst nightmare-the Game Over backpack from Sprayground. The entire backpack is made to look like an ancient handheld (in your kids’ eyes, anyway), complete with a green pixelated screen.

It’s durable polyester with plenty of room for all your lil’ gamer’s school necessities, and padded straps will brace their growing frame from those heavy books. The padded laptop and tablet compartments are an excellent touch, and are probably tempting you to buy one for yourself, too.

We love the details of this pack; it features a cluster of batteries in the back, and multiple air vents that really speak to this GameBoy-inspired handheld’s age. There’s also cracks on the screen and cover, exposing a detailed motherboard, a humorous touch that recalls the frustrations of the game over experience. The backpack is a stylish and, dare we say, cool way for your kids to show off their nerdiness. Unlike the console the bag is modeled after, it should last them quite a while.

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