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Squids RPG for iOS

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An ocean paradise is being attacked by corrupted sea creatures! Assemble your team of bubbly cephalopods to combat this underwater menace, and get your turf back!

Squids is a cross between RPG team-based games like Tactics Ogre, and physics-based puzzlers, such as Angry Birds. Your kids start out by selecting a team of squids from a multitude of available options. This plays into the strategy portion of the game, since each squid is unique, and has its own abilities and stats. Once their team is assembled, players shoot their squids across the map, knocking enemies off the platform until the level is cleared. Each squid can use its abilities to help this process. Completing levels earns experience to level up each squid, but it also unlocks customization options, so your nerdlings can decorate their team however they like.

Squids is very colorful, very fun, and easy to get into. While the game does have some depth to it in it’s RPG aspects, its pick-up-and-play nature allows it to be easily enjoyed in short bursts, as well as deep enough to occupy your children during longer excursions. Squids is available for iPhone and iPad, but is slated for release on PC and MAC, as well. Get ready for some undersea fun!

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