Squish Super Amoeba

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Squish #1 Super Amoeba

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Back when we were kids, many of us couldn’t get our faces out of comics. It’s understandable, since superheroes have many of the qualities we wished we had, or wished we were better at (though it’s difficult to improve at shooting laser beams from your eyes). Wanting to emulate larger than life heroes is a rite of passage for most nerds, and with luck, it will be no exception for our kids. If your nerdlings are a bit too young to start reading the major comics, and you’re in need of a more light-hearted story, then Squish might be a great starting point.

The first graphic novel, Super Amoeba, stars Squish, who is, as you may expect, an amoeba (his friends are different microorganisms). Squish, like our kids (and us before them), can’t get his nose out of comics. You see, he idolizes his favorite superhero, Super Amoeba, and he tries his hardest to act like his hero when facing challenges at school. There’s more to this school than meets the eye, though, and evil lurks in the shadows.

As an introduction to graphic novels, Squish #1 does well. It’s intended for a young audience not yet ready for mainstream comics, with the added bonus of science tidbits mixed into the fray; well worth grabbing for your little one.

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