Stan Lee Launches Family Friendly Brand Named Kids Universe

Comic legend Stan Lee recently announced an all-new entertainment imprint aimed at young folks. Called Stan Lee’s Kids Universe, the brand will have family-friendly books, games, and characters on many different platforms for kids ages 1-10.


“There really is no group of books for kids who are very young and have the excitement, the color, the originality that kids are really looking for and will hold and grab them,” said Lee, a Marvel Comics editor and the co-creator of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men and the Avengers, just to name a few.

Projects based in Lee’s universe will start being available today (Monday), with Dani Jones’ Monsters vs. Kittens. The kids’ book will have cute kittens and monsters, as the title suggests, and will be available as an e-book, a printed book in hard and soft cover editions, and will have a game app soon to follow. There’s also a “Story Before Bed” version, where you can listen to Lee read the story or record it yourself for your youngsters to listen to, right on the web, for $3.99 via Paypal.

There’s even more gaming goodness, with a game called Goobeez: Pirate Adventures, which will go love today for iPhone and iPad. Kids get to swipe their finger back and forth on the screen to get cute little characters to jump off a pirate ship onto land.

“The whole games thing was a bad idea to do because we’ve got Stan now not working in his office and playing all day long,” said 1821 Comics’ Terry Dougas, who’s partnering with Lee’s POW! Entertainment for the new brand.

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