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Stand Back I’m Going to Try Science Tee

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Despite its ambiguous origins, “Stand Back – I’m Going to Try Science!”  (or SBIGTS for short) has become something of a geek rallying cry.  You can’t go to a comic book Convention, Joss Whedon movie, or college dorm without someone striking a heroic pose and separating a solution from a precipitate, or boldly soldering circuits while “Mars, the Bringer of War” plays in the background.

“Stand Back – I’m Going to Try Science!” sort-of, kind-of originates from popular geek / nerd comic XKCD, but not quite: the original line, “Stand Back: I know Regular Expressions” is in the same spirit, but is a much more niche utterance.  We’re sure it cracks up PERL programmers, but the rest of us are left scratching our heads.

But Science:  Ah science – dangerous, bold, smart, and did we mention dangerous?  We’ve seen movies.  Whenever anyone “does science,” something blows up, zombies come back from the dead, or someone changes gender.  Science is nothing to trifle with, and this shirt, available in all different sizes (from youth to 4XL), colors, and styles (there are hoodies and long-sleeved versions too) will get everyone clear of the blast radius when your young Einstein gets ready to save the day.