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Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted your own Captain’s Chair. Okay, now keep your hand up if you have $2200.00 to buy such a commodity. Yeah, that makes two of us. Besides, when you have little geeklings, you have bigger things to spend that kind of money on, like diapers and lunch meats and college funds.

You may not be able to have your own Captain’s Chair, but your wee geek can: Thinkgeek has an inflatable Captain’s Chair available for kids up to 120 pounds. No more pulling the cushions off the sofa and stacking them until they’re high enough to sit on, or struggling to pile the pillows into some kind of chair. Now they can actually sit in their very own Star Trek Captain’s Chair. And the chair offers a bonus those couch cushions never could: the arms are equipped with buttons and lights, allowing your ickle Captain to set Red Alert and Yellow Alert, and even Jettison Pod.

This chair is designed to let your geekling take charge of his own space travel adventures as a young Starfleet Captain. And as a bonus: the chair is a licensed Star Trek collectible, so it’s a perfect addition to your own collection of memorabilia and merchandise.

If you feel like basking in the epicness of the Captain’s Chair, check out this trailer from Star Trek XI, which showed us Captain James T. Kirk assuming the Captain’s Chair for the first time.

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