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Star Trek Onesie: “I Just Boldly Went”

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Babies are perfectly cute little bundles of fun and laughter, aren’t they? At least, most of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes, you just have to embrace the fact that your geekling produces offensively malodorous messes. There’s nothing to be done about it; it’s just part of the deal when you agree to take on the monumentally bold task of venturing into the terrifying frontier known as parenthood.

What better way to turn that stinking mess into a laughing matter than with a onesie that tells the whole world “I just boldly went”? After all, everybody poops, right? Humans, Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons… You might as well share your junior cadet’s achievement with the world while the propensity for pooping in public still has the potential to be adorable.

This onesie could be a great gag gift for geekling nieces, nephews, grandbabies and your friends’ tots, or you can pick it up for your own little one. It comes in navy blue and is sized for little ones 24 mos. old. It features a snap bottom for easy diaper changing, too, when the onesie’s slogan becomes a little too accurate for your olfactory comfort. It will be a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe of geeky attire.

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