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Star Trek Opposites Book

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When I think of Star Trek Opposites, the first image that comes to my mind is of a goateed Spock using his superior, logical intellect for nefarious ends. This, however, is not what “Star Trek Opposites” by David Borgenicht is all about. If the actual opposite of Spock  were in the book, I would imagine him to be an emotionally driven, irrational and selfish person who is generally unhelpful to everyone around him. Such is the nature of opposite qualities. I think we tend to take this ability to distinguish opposites from one another for granted, but in doing so we forget that it, like so many other basic cognitive skills, is a learned ability that has to be fostered at a young age.

Now you can accelerate your child’s development to warp speed using Borgenicht’s book, which employs the aid of Captain James T. Kirk, First Officer Spock, and Doctor Leonard McCoy in a quest to teach your child how to recognize opposites. Using brightly colored pictures, the book helps demonstrate the differences in opposite qualities, such as big and small, hot and cold, or together and apart.

Your children will live long and prosper when they build the foundations for important concepts early, and it’ll be more fun to introduce them to your favorite Star Trek characters in the process with this great book.

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