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Star Wars: A Scanimation Book

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That’s no ordinary book, that’s a Star Wars Scanimation book! What is Scanimation? Only the coolest form of animation known to man! Nowadays, you usually only see this style of animation on DVD covers, but this is a very special case. This book compiles a bunch of very cool, memorable scenes from across the entire Star Wars movie saga. From the battle between Luke and Darth Vader to C3PO and R2-D2 traveling through the desert, this cool little book will bring the story of the movies to life just by simply moving the pictures from side to side.

Star Wars is still one of the most popular franchises to this day, so is it any surprise that our kids are just as in love with the series as we are? Whether they’re more familiar with the prequels or the original trilogy, there’s a page of animation for fans of all ages in this book! Give your young padawans something truly special with this Star Wars Scanimation book from Rufus Butler Seder. Featuring 11 awesome scenes from everybody’s favorite sci-fi film series, this cool little book is sure to inspire your kids, reminding them of all the stories and characters that they know and love.

Here’s Rufus Butler Seder talking about Scanimation in a little more detail:

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