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Star Wars Crib Prints

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To understand the following, it’s important that you acquire a working knowledge of the word “minky,” which, contrary to my first two guesses, is neither a pacifier nor a baby mink. Rather, it is a soft, bumpy fabric.

On the other hand, it could also be a creature from Star Wars. (“Minkies. Probably chewing on the power cables.”) Or a character from Star Wars. (“Meesa Jar Jar Minky!”) Or a planet in the Star Wars universe. (“That’s no minky. It’s a space station.”)

Anyway, if you are both a Star Wars fan and expecting a baby (or have one already), then this crib set is for you. Custom made-to-order by the Etsy store RockerByeBaby, the set includes a crib skirt, a blanket, a four-piece bumper, and a throw pillow (sheets sold separately). Oh, and they’re printed with a Star Wars pattern featuring all your favorite Original Trilogy characters – very retro, pre-re-release, “Han shot first” and all that. Customers can choose their favorite minky (again: a soft, bumpy fabric) for the back from a choice of thirty swirl or smooth color options. Matching curtains are also available at an additional cost.

Other parents might put their infants to sleep on bunnies or butterflies. Not you. Yours will cry alongside Chewbacca, giggle with Yoda, and drool all over Darth Vader, trained from birth for a destiny of lightsaber duels and starfighter battles! May the soft, bumpy fabric be with you!


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