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Star Wars Force Glove

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Magnets. Magical rocks that manipulate most metals. At least, that’s how we thought about them when we were kids. What’s more fun than playing with a bunch of magnets? Well, what if they took the Force from Star Wars and developed it into a glove that uses a magnet to push and pull objects. This is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

As kids, we used to attach strings to objects and pull them to simulate the ability of harnessing the force (or just pretended that those leaves moved because of us; it certainly wasn’t the wind). Force push, was us throwing objects at each other. However, this glove uses “cutting edge technology” like flipping the magnet for attracting and repelling metal objects. Included are two “targets,” a battle droid and lightsaber, both with metallic bases.

Assuming your child isn’t as whiny and arrogant as Anakin, he/she will want to use this new power for good. For those darkside kids, you could always teach them how to use a taser. You know, for force lightning. (Just joking; please do not give your child a taser.)

There’s no doubting how much I would have loved a “Force Glove” as a kid.  What happened to just using plastic bats and sticks to beat the mess out of each other?

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