star wars imperial probe droid tee shirt

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Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid Kids Tee

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We love to express their fandom in all ways, but sadly, some of us no longer have the luxury of wearing t-shirts to work.

One of the benefits to having children, however, is the parental right & ability to vicariously express yourself via your offspring. So, don’t worry, getting your child a Star Wars t-shirt is nothing like making them keep playing tee ball just because you sucked at it.

When raised right, kids should have their own love of Star Wars, and if you’ve really been doing a bang-up job of parenting, they know that the original trilogy’s coolness is parsecs beyond George Lucas’ new-fangled output. Nothing is cooler than The Empire Strikes Back’s ice planet Hoth, the setting of this delightful probe droid shirt.

The artwork is hand-drawn and beautifully rendered with lots of detail and a nice, vintage feel that would make a great print – and unlike its automated espionage inspiration, this shirt won’t self-destruct after the slightest bit of damage kids love to inflict.

Available in youth sizes small, medium and large, the design can be printed in bright green, orange or teal (the iciest color, we say) – just make sure to send a note to the seller because the default hue is forest-moon-of-Endor green.

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