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Star Wars Interactive R2-D2

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There are cool gifts for your kids, and then there are gifts that are so utterly amazing they break the mold and will be used as the measuring stick for cool of all future purchases. Yeah, this new video game is cool, but it’s probably only half as cool as the time mom gave me my own freakin’ R2-D2. True story.

This item is a 15” replica of the adorable robot from Star Wars. It’s voice activated, responds to over forty different commands, expresses emotion with R2’s characteristic chirps and tweets, moves on its own accord, can be used as portable storage, and has its own drink holder. It has its own drink holder and responds to commands. Look. I know this is for your kids. But tell me, in all honesty, that you’re not going to try at least once to program this thing to go to the fridge and get you a beer. I mean, really? Aside from your own nefarious reasons for buying the toy, R2 comes with games, it can dance, and also will allow your children to practice their programming skills. Its pathing can be programmed and placed on patrol. Be warned though, if you buy this, the only toy you will ever get for your kids that will top it is a new car when they turn 16.

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