Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Puts You in the Fighter’s Seat


One of the most captivating elements of the original Star Wars films is its fast-paced space battles. There’s something viscerally satisfying about watching Starfighters dodge and weave through the interstellar chaos while hunting down their enemies. This imagery has no doubt inspired countless hours of imaginative play for children (and some adults) since the debut of the sci-fi classic in 1977. Really, who hasn’t at some point spent an idle afternoon zooming a toy Starfighter (or an appropriate proxy) around the living room dodging obstacles and enemy fire?

Parents and kids interested in adding a little more structure to these reenactments may want to pick up the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. This table-top tactical miniature wargame puts the players in command of their own squadrons of ships as they battle for the fate of the Galaxy. The base set comes with two Imperial TIE Fighters and one Rebel X-Wing, allowing you to recreate some of the more memorable dog fights from the films. You can take the high road, and engage your Rebel fleet, or indulge your dark side and go Imperial.


As with most Lucasfilm licensed merchandise, the starships in this miniature are finely detailed, making them little collector’s items themselves. The fact that the ships are perched atop a thin column gives the game a 3-D feel while playing, and both kids and adults will easily find themselves sucked into the action.

In addition to featuring ships from one of the most beloved science-fiction franchises, the X-Wing Miniatures Game provides a great introduction to miniature wargaming for your kids. It offers the tactical depth of play and unit customization that makes the genre great while cutting out the need to assemble and paint models, which can be incredibly time consuming. The game is designed for only two players, which makes it less suitable for a casual game night, but with a few extra ships you could easily set up your own mini tournament to keep the whole family engaged.

Check out the official Fantasy Flight Games video tutorial to get a closer look at how the game is played.

You can purchase Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game from Amazon.

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