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StarCraft Zergling Baby Onesie

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What is small, drools, and terrifying in large numbers? Zerglings! (and maybe babies too). has got these awesome little onesies available so you can show off how nerdy you are with pride. Honestly, these things are just cool. And let’s face it, babies are cute, but they can spread drool like a queen maintaining her creep. Next thing you know your child, the table, the floor, and you are suddenly so much… juicier than you should be. (But you do get a bonus to movement speed?) This zergling onesie will help reign in some of that while affording endless possibilities to give your master-Starcraft-player-in-training fun nicknames. How’s daddy’s little spinecrawler doing today? Uh-oh. Someone’s getting sleepy. Time to go to the hatchery! Did mommy’s zergling make a six pool in his diaper?

Zerglings are quite possibly the most misunderstood of the Starcraft 2 units. Just like every other life form, the greatest reward you can offer a zergling is the approval of its mother. It’s not their fault that what their mother wants is for them to annihilate their enemies. It’s ok that they have a face only a mother could love–the queen’s love is all they really want anyway.

Even though your little bug is much cuter than a zergling, he or she will still be a beacon of Mom and Dad’s love for  gaming with this awesome onesie. Sadly, they only come in one color, black, but that helps make the outfit into a warning label. Because no matter how cute and cuddly your baby may be, when they get cranky the inner zergling comes out. Just like a ‘ling, your baby might look small and fragile, but they can sure cause some damage!

Check out this video of zerglings attacking a planetary fortress:

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