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Steamboat Stomp Print

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Steamboat Willie is a classic, and with Disney bringing their back catalogue to new audiences through the Epic Mickey series, kids are more aware of the old stuff. We grew up with Mickey Mouse and numerous Disney animated films when we were kids, and while the Disney library is is not always the coolest, we passed many of these films down to our children. Naturally, those of us who are gamers have introduced Mario Bros. to our kids as well. As much of a classic as the Disney films are, Mario has a unique retro charm to it, so it makes sense that someone would want to combine the two.

Steamboat Stomp is an print mashing up the Mario franchise with the old-school Disney art aesthetic of Steamboat Willie. In this 18” x 24” print, Mario is poised to stomp a goomba who seems far too pleased with himself for his current situation. Mario is given a lanky frame, and his usually colorful world is presented in crisp grayscale. This makes the perfect poster for any kid who loves Mario, is familiar with older Disney works, or loves both. Hang it up in your child’s room, or frame it, but make sure this classic piece is part of their collection.

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