Stink Solar System Superhero

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Stink Solar System Superhero

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It was a hard day for all of us when Pluto sadly lost its status as a full planet and became a dwarf planet, otherwise designated as 134340. Not that being a dwarf anything is a bad fate in the nerd world, but unfortunately Pluto doesn’t come with a broad axe, a rockin’ beard, and a ton of points in its mining and mercantile skills.

However, Stink Moody doesn’t like this new classification at all. You see Stink is a small kid, so he has a certain affinity for things that are also small, and perhaps things that get picked on, like those mean scientists who obviously have a thing against Pluto. Stink procures a spaceship and sets out on a journey to stick up for little Pluto, learning a lot about space and the planets of our solar system along the way.

Your kids will get a kick out of this book since it’s about space, and they should have little trouble identifying with Stink. Characters who have a desire to do good are always likeable, and your nerdlings will learn all about the planets along with Stink as he travels across space on his adventure. The art is cute, the story is well written, and if you’re looking for another children’s book you can’t go too far off course with Stink: Solar System Superhero.

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