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Stone Temple Pilots Tee

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Grunge bands sometimes get a bad rap, but seriously, let’s leave Stone Temple Pilots out of that whole thing, ok? Sure, Scott Weiland went on to become more well-known for the illegal activities he did offstage as opposed to the great things he did onstage, as well as his stint in Velvet Revolver (which was nothing to be proud of- we KID we KID!). However, his time in STP gave us many a memorable song like “Interstate Lovesong”, “Still Remains”, and pretty much anything off of Purple, with a legion of nostalgic memories whenever we turn on our favorite popular rock station.

And to capture the love of early to mid-90’s music, designer and entrepreneur, Laura Agnotti aka: Rowdy Sprout, has yielded a wonderful piece of Grunge-tastic outerwear with this Stone Temple Pilots Tee. Your young Rock Band experts can hereby appease their appreciation for one of alterna rock’s greatest achievements sporting a shirt reminiscent of the one you might have bought at their show many years ago. Each shirt produced is given the Laura stamp of approval and is manufactured and silk-screened in Los Angeles with the finest, softest cotton blends available. No Kathie Lee approach to manufacturing here, my friends.

So support American design and production while engendering an appreciation for the music you cranked in the parking lot when you should have been in class, and get your tween in this STP tee (you can leave the whole ditching thing out if you’d like).

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