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Store & Display Art Cabinet – Li’l DaVinci

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The kid’s brought home another painting of a six-legged purple monster holding a green balloon, standing on top of a mountain, next to his goat sidekick that he lovingly named “Dad”? Or perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones to receive drawings of the family… that doesn’t quite resemble a human family (who ever thought your kid would draw you looking like Chewbacca?). Well whatever they bring home, we know as a loving parent you’ll squat down, pat them on the head and tell them the work is an absolute masterpiece. Then you’ll fix it onto the refrigerator.

But let’s do some calculations here (all nerds love a good calculation, right?). Say your kid enrolls in Kindergarten at age 5, and let’s say they’ll draw or paint you a couple of these obscure masterpieces every week. If we’re to average out the number of days in a school year (approx. 180) and divide that by 5-day weeks, you’ll end up with at least 70 masterpieces on that refrigerator. It’s gonna take a few minutes just to find the handle to open that thing now, isn’t it? That’s just the first year of school.

Either you buy a bigger refrigerator (think the refrigerator the BFG would use), or we could help you find a solution to storing and displaying your kid’s artwork.

The Li’l DaVinci Store & Display Art Cabinet has a front opening and — get this — stores up to 50 pieces of art (we hear your refrigerator applauding now!) on the wall. Each frame is crafted from wood with a black or white matte finish, and the frame can also be latched to prevent little hands from getting up to mischief (we’re looking at you, middle child). Mounting hardware is also included, so all you really need to do is pop in those papers, hang it on the wall and wait for the next piece of art to come your way for display (though you might want to rearrange artwork to the back of the stack if your kid ever draws anything from this list).

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