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Stormtrooper Drawing Droids Print

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Little known fact: In between episodes of practiced ineptitude and pathetically apathetic attempts to capture and/or blast Luke Skywalker and friends, Stormtroopers like to spend their spare time improving their art skills. Or so it appears. This print features one such trooper taking some time off to doodle a cutesy little image of his favorite things, such as a space station with a large enough cannon to destroy an entire planet and murder every last living thing on said planet, and some droids.

Maybe someday, somewhere in the back of his Jedi-befuddled mind, he will realize that the droids he continually sketches are, in fact, the droids he was looking for and that he had, after all, found them. Maybe, but not likely. This sweet print is available via Society 6, which means that like all their fine prints, the image is available in several formats, ranging from a glossy postcard to a slightly-larger-than two by three foot stretched canvas. Additionally, the picture can be converted into a skin for an iPod, iPhone, or laptop. Let your child’s inner Jedi be displayed proudly and without reservation. Yes, your children do like Star Wars and yes, that is a Stormtrooper wielding a crayon.

Check out this entertaining Japanese Stormtrooper commercial. Why are Japanese toy makers obsessed with removable fists?

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