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Streaker Print

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There are windows of opportunity in life when certain things are possible that would, at other times, be considered unacceptable. Streaking is one of those things. A young child can happily shed their clothes (as they’ve not yet developed inhibitions) and it’s simply an indication of a whimsical spirit. (In a few years, it will be an indication of delinquency.) Regardless of your child’s age, they will all will love this print featuring a banana shedding the prison of his peel, gleefully running away in only his little boots (Yep, bananas have feet too, but they are invisible unless you believe in them).

Along with the anthropomorphization of the banana (explain that to your child), it’s always funny to see any sentient being running around in their birthday suit. In true craftsman-like fashion, the print comes on 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper. The manufacturer says this is to ensure vibrant quality. We know the truth–it’s to ensure that when your wild little beast tears it down and tries to lick it, he’ll be safe from toxicity. Adding this light-hearted print to your nursery or kids’ room will set a sunny tone of insouciance, letting your kid and his friends know that you aren’t an old fogey just yet. Just be sure to take it down before they discover the notion of the “phallic symbol.”

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