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Street Fighter Figures: Ken vs. Blanka

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Oh, Ken Masters. Despite coloring your hair blonde and moving to America to train, you never quite stepped out of the shadow of your friend and rival, Ryu. Though you wouldn’t know it, with how often Ken is picked in Street Fighter. Known most for nonstop Shoryukens on wakeup, Ken is arguably the most popular (if not the most used) fighter from the series.

In this Street Fighter Classic Action Pack, Ken squares off against Blanka, a ferocious, mutated man-beast who lived from a young age in the Amazon Rainforest after a horrific plane crash. Would you believe me if I told you his name was Jimmy, and he got his electric powers from eels? Rapidly tap Light Punch any time anyone gets anywhere near you, and he’ll show you. Blanka sure loves that electricity power.

Both of these action figures measure 4 inches in height, and feature limbs that your child can pose into whichever fighting style he or she likes from these fighter’s classic move lists. Have them fight together using Hadoukens and Beast Rolls, or make up new moves for the characters. The figures are well-detailed, making them the closest thing to acting out Round 1 without playing the game itself.

One piece of advice: if your kid learns how to FADC into EX Beast Roll, it’s time to hang up the gloves.

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