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Street Fighter Grocery Print

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Of all the places a young gamer would dream of causing chaos in, one of the most lucrative and exciting places is your local grocery store. All of those shelves filled to the brim with products, cans, and food items, arranged perfectly right up against the edge of the shelf. All of that meticulous work, begging to come crashing down in one massive, crazy, grocery-store spanning onslaught. Sometimes I think of the aisles as dominoes; what would happen if that first one got a little push?

This Street Fighter high-quality print features characters from the massively popular fighting game favorite, including Zangief (who appears to be elated that he’s found a duck plush toy), E. Honda with a rack of delicious-looking meat, a confused Dhalsim, and a girl fight between Chun-Li and Cammy. Whoever is winning, the grocery store is the one taking the beating, and Timmy’s father over in the corner wants nothing to do with it.

If your gamer is a fan of the fighting game genre, enjoys a little bit of local fighting spirit, or really likes cute yellow ducks, then this colorful 11”x14” Street Fighter Grocery Fight poster has a spot in his or her room. Right next to the one where M. Bison and Akuma are demolishing the electronics department.

Check this video from the 2009 Street Fighter IV Championships. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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