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Sudoku Board Game For Kids

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You’re sitting on a bus, waiting to get to work. Your iPad ran out of battery life, cutting you off from all your real-time updates and cutting-edge tech news, so you reach across your seat and find an uncompleted Sudoku puzzle on a loose page of the local newspaper. “Great!” you think. “Something to do before I have to slave away for the next shift.” Alas, the puzzle is an incredibly difficult one, and you set it aside, frustrated. “If only this puzzle consisted of tiny boats, cows and cars instead of numbers!,” you cry out to the heavens, shaking your fist.

Thankfully, we have an answer for you, or at least, we have one your children can have fun with. Now little nerds can feel your pain with the Do You Sudoku? Game. It’s designed for ages 4-10. These Sudoku puzzles are split into smaller, easier to learn 4×4 cell boards, depicting colorful and friendly images of adorable cows, high-flying planes, slow-crawling snails, and more. Right out of the box are 48 puzzles that vary in difficulty, scaling along with the your kid’s age level until they are ready to flip it and try the 6×6 boards with real numbered puzzles. Unlike games that are quickly outgrown by your child’s speedy development, the advanced levels are perfect for playing along with them.

This Sudoku board game for children is the perfect introductory tool for brain training games that are fun at a young age, and promote excellent developmental and cognitive skills. Let’s not beat around the bush, we both know that smiling cow is far too cute to pass up.

What’s that? You want to see a video of a Lego robot doing Sudoku? Fine:

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