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Sunprint Paper Kit

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Ah, sunprints. Able to turn even the most novice artist/botanist into an apparent genius. All one has to do to appear like they have achieved mastery in still life art is to place an object (often a leaf/plant), onto the special sun paper, put it outside for a bit and wait. Once the sheet has soaked up enough of that precious light, the paper changes its chemical makeup to produce a perfect likeness of said object. Many kids out there like the idea of creating their own art, but lack the skill set or the patience to do so. With sunprints, any child can create realistic work based on any object they want. Does your kid have a favorite toy? Now it’s art. What about a favorite plush animal? It’s art, too. The possibilities are endless.

The Sunprint Paper Kit comes with 12 7.75”x11.65” sheets of special Solarprint paper. It’s a sneaky way to get kids outside, exploring, and learning while having fun. Once your children have “photographed” all the random objects in your yard and home, you can send the pieces off to the rest of the family with the included note cards and envelopes, or mount favorites with the two picture frames included. The kit also has two stencils, in case your nerdlings somehow run out of objects. Try to keep Sunprints away from the family pet, though. I’m not sure it would be appreciate being art-ified as much.

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