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Super Heroic Minimalism Print

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There is a certain simple calculus to comic book super heroes that one has to appreciate. Peter Parker plus spider equals Spider-Man. Bruce Wayne plus bat equals Batman. Tony Stark plus iron equals Iron Man. It’s a deceptively simple expression of the anthropomorphism and assimilation of the natural world into our collective cultural identity. It’s the integration of the symbolic qualities of these non-human elements into our own modern, idealized mythology. Who, after all, wouldn’t want the agility of a spider, the terror of a bat, or the strength of iron? Our obsession with super heroes is an admission of our own frailty and that so human drive for self improvement, however unfeasible.

Now you can combine this deep-rooted cultural phenomenon with the simple aesthetic of minimalism and elevate your pop-culture sensibilities with the Super Heroic Minimalism Print by artist Jonah Block and available from Society 6. This print captures these modern cultural sentiments in with the simplest visual vocabulary. Hang this print in your child’s play area for a fresh and tasteful expression of your appreciation of the underlying truths of our culture’s obsession with the super hero. Your child will love these instantly recognizable renditions of their favorite characters, even if their more cerebral applications are lost on your kids’ still forming minds.

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