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Super Mario 15-Inch Bowser Plush

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Everyone loves the Mario Brothers, but let’s not forget that without Bowser the Brothers would have little to do besides romance princesses, and that’s not really video game material. His fearsome claws, armor shell, and deadly fire breath make him a formidable opponent, and his hilarious egotistical quips keep the games fresh and fun.

So don’t worry if your child seems to love the dino more than the Bros! Villains need love, too. Bowser deserves his fans, and certainly needs some affection judging by the way he’s been stealing Princess Peach throughout the years. What else to get a Bowser fan-boy or girl than the King Koopa himself, in soft plushy form. The stuffed villain is a fearsome 15” and features 3-dimensional spikes, horns, and claws (all squishy-soft, of course).

This Bowser is good for a number of things: knocking down block towers, protecting your little gamer from the bogeyman, etc, etc. Plus, how cool will your kid look lugging this monster around everywhere? Way cooler than all those holding cute bunnies and bears!

If you were nerd-level 1000, you could get two and keep one in the packaging for your own collection.

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