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Super Mario Avengers Onesie & T-Shirt

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The Super Mario Brothers’ gang are chameleons of the gaming world, continually changing and adapting into a smorgasbord of games and products. But now, DeardenDesign presents the group like you’ve never seen them before: dressed up as the Avengers and ready to take back the Tesseract from the evil-minded Loki! Or maybe they’re just dressed up for a costume party. Either way, it’s an amazing design! The mega-mashup features Bowser as the Incredible Hulk, Yoshi as the deadly-accurate Hawkeye, Luigi as the golden boy Captain America, Princess Peach as a lady version of Thor, and Mario himself as the charismatic Iron Man.

Redbubble prints the image on American Apparel clothing, so you can be sure it’s high-quality stuff made right here in America. It’s highly customizable with 10 colors to choose from, long or short sleeves, and they offer a T-shirt option along with the onesie form pictured above. There’s a kid sizing guide since they categorize size by age.

The design is sure to be a unique addition to your child’s ever-growing collection of nerd apparel. It’s a double dose of nerd for your little one, and frankly, it’s the minimum dosage we recommend for any member of your family.

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