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Super Mario Bros Fan Art

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It’s so cute! This homage to Super Mario Bros is a wall print sporting the eponymous characters in a beautifully rendered vector drawing, fit for any growing nerdling’s bedroom. The characters are not exactly anatomically correct in their proportions, somewhat resembling bobble heads, but this only serves to up the Squee! factor – the brothers just look so adorable. They are accompanied by one of their soft-brained enemies, the goomba, and the background is decorated with familiar imagery from the game.

There is one slight oddity about the work, however, that I couldn’t help but notice. In the bottom of the image, in very small lettering it reads: Available on Atari. How very odd. The inexplicable message does little to detract from the fine artwork and, indeed, it is only the hawk-eyed viewer/nerd who will even notice. The picture can be framed, slapped on the wall of the nursery, and your progeny will grow up recognizing Nintendo’s mascot even more readily than Mickey Mouse or Coca-Cola, which is probably better for their overall mental stability. You can purchase the print in multiple sizes and even have a laptop or iPhone sticker created from the image.


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