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Super Mario Brothers Checkers

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I love collaborations like this one. Take two disparate, yet equally awesome things, Super Mario Bros. and checkers, and combine them into one, hilarious product. The game is the same old checkers that your grandpa used to play on his front porch when he wasn’t running his moonshine still in some backwoods cave, but with a twist. The board has been transformed into the familiar world of Nintendo’s mascot, and the individual pieces themselves have received the same overhaul.

You can choose to play as either Mario or Luigi as you plot how best to destroy your young child at checkers because, let’s face it, checkers ain’t for the weak. One of the shining properties of this particular version is the “king” system; rather than stacking checkers atop one another, as is traditionally done, to king someone you place a replica of their respective hats worn in game in their stead.

A fun twist on a classic, the package also comes bundled with a similar version of Tic-Tac-Toe, which doesn’t possess the cunning and strategy of checkers, but is still an amusing pastime if your child’s brain is hurting from being beaten too many times in a row.

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