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Super Mario Goomba Beanie

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I’m not utterly certain the designer of this particular bit of apparel fully thought through the implications of wearing a beanie such as this. It’s a hat. You’re going to put this on your child’s head. Now, the beanie is stylish, it’s true. It will allow your kid to express their inner video game love, it’s true. The beanie is well made, it’s stylish, and those little goombas eyes are adorable. All true. But it’s a hat that you’ll put on the squishy melon of your beloved child, bearing the likeness of a character whose express purpose in life is to have his head jumped on by a fat Italian plumber.

This seems like a recipe for disaster. Joking aside, the knit cap will be perfect for keeping the brain warm, which is important because a frozen, numb noodle leads to poor reflexes. Poor reflexes lead to bad video gaming, and it will be your fault as a parent if your child gets thrashed repeatedly in Super Smash Bros. because you were negligent of their cranial warmth. Maybe you could put a bicycle helmet underneath to prevent injury in case your child should find themselves in the presence of a plumber.

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