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Super Mario Wall Decal

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For the super-nerd of the next generation, wall decals are the one of the best, easiest ways for your kids to display their love for all things polygonal. This particular set of decals is fashioned to resemble the more modern Mario, rather than the pixelated plumber of your younger days, and will be easier for your nerdlings to relate to.

The characters are extracted from the New Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo DS and feature all things Mario: overalls, goombas, turtles with wings, coins and blocks. Most of the pieces can be disassembled and moved about to create the perfect Mario masterpiece, and the website lists the installation instructions as, and I quote, “easy peasy.” Like all wall decals they are also removable and restick-able. Meaning that if you take the advice of certain other writers here at Nerdy with Children and decide to install the decals after downing a beer or six, you can wake up the next morning, realize that Mario isn’t supposed to ride on the goombas, and then fix it without any problems. The company doesn’t list how many times you can stick and restick the decals, though, so maybe it would be best to get it right the second time.

Pro-tip: If you are looking for something more retro, check out the Space Invaders Wall Decal product description.

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