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Super Mario Wiggler (Hana-Chan) Plush

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It’s Wiggler! An adorably cute caterpillar that first made his appearance in Super Mario World, Wiggler has been a staple enemy in Mario titles since. I say he’s an enemy, but it’s hard to imagine that he’s at all hostile when looking at that smiling caterpillar face. I mean, just look at that cute mug. It makes me want to cuddle him, and… wait, what are you doing? Don’t jump on Wiggler! No! Now he’s angry!

Fortunately, this toy doesn’t turn red and aggravated when your kids (accidentally) step on him, but he’s still one of the cutest Mario-based plushes your children can get their hands on. Any little fan of the Mario franchise will love Wiggler, and he’s 11 inches long, so there’s lots of caterpillar for your kids to hold on to. For those that are wondering, Hana-Chan is Wiggler’s original Japanese name. You won’t have to explain that to your kids for them to enjoy this Wiggler plush, as long as you make sure that he stays calm and yellow, everything will be okay.

This stuffed toy is a limited edition, so it makes a great addition to any nerdling’s toy chest. Look for the characteristic flower on his head if Wiggler gets lost somewhere in Mystery Woods.

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