Superhero Hoodies for Kids

Whether your child is jumping from the couch to the armchair, pretending to spin webs as they go, or if your child is the type who vanquishes the monsters under their bed with a homemade utility belt, one thing’s for sure: A lot of children want to grow up to be their favorite superhero.

Dressing your child in superhero raingear is one way of helping them realize their deepest fantasy. Now, you can help them further with superhero hoodies! And, if superheroes are not their thing — these things happen, and that’s OK! — maybe a Star Wars hoodie will do the trick.

I’m Batman!

Batman HoodieGive your child even more confidence in their ability to vanquish those monsters that like to hide in the dark corners of their bedroom. This Batman hoodie is not only equipped with a mask, but it also has a cape! Gotham City is sure to be safe when your child is dressed in this hoodie.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s Superman!

Superman Hoodie

Maybe your child is more of the truth and justice sort, dreaming of being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Maybe they think they can really fly, exclaiming, “Catch me,” as they come flying at you from on top the fridge. Even if your child thinks they are invincible, everyone has their own personal brand of Kryptonite. This Superman hoodie, complete with cape, may not protect them from everything, but it certainly won’t hurt.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Spider-Man hoodie

Have you ever found your living room littered with string or wool because your child has decided they, too, can spin a web, any size? This is where the Spider-Man hoodie, complete with mask, comes in. Sure, it may encourage them to spin more webs, but with the power of spinning webs, comes the responsibility to clean up. While this hoodie won’t teach them this lesson, it’s amazing of what you can convince your child is their job when they’re clothed in their favorite superhero gear.

No. I am your father.

4 Darth Vader Hoodie

Maybe your child prefers to be the “bad guy.” I’m not sure I’d call Darth Vader the bad guy. He’s just had a rough childhood and is misunderstood. If your child is the type who likes to pretend to force choke their siblings — let’s face it, this is much better than actually choking their siblings — while making mechanical breathing sounds, this Darth Vader hoodie, complete with mask, is exactly what the Galactic Empire ordered.

These hoodies are available in kids’ sizes 4-7. My only question is, “Why aren’t they available in adult sized?!”

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