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Superhero In Disguise Onesie

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Every parent thinks highly of their offspring. So what if they’re only two? Your little darling is going to be amazing some day – and certainly already is. Just between us, we know you’re the parent who’s totally, completely, 100 percent right about your kid’s oh-so-obvious potential. They can, and will, save the world from supervillains some day.

Every superhero needs to start somewhere. Some are born with powers, some grow into them, some are exposed to radiation, and some just have their butlers make them cool gadgets. Regardless of origin, all superheroes have one thing in common: the suit. Without the super outfit, your baby’s just another Clark Kent without a phone booth.

This all-in-one outfit reflects the heroic qualities that lay dormant in your child, just waiting for the right opportunity to manifest themselves. The Superhero in Disguise One-Piece by Mini Shatsu really isn’t much of a disguise; they aren’t likely to blend into a crowd or sneak by criminals unnoticed. OK, the mask is off, but it’s close at hand – again, not suspicious at all. It’s merely representative of a hero on their free time, chillin’.

The stylish printed vest and utility belt with lightning bolt logos is bold as can be. The lack of bottoms allows added mobility while flying, chasing and posing – the same sensible reason adult superheroes go without proper pants. Your hero can grow up without changing suits because the outfit is available in multiple sizes. As they get stronger, the material stretches thanks to its cotton-spandex blend. Crawling around has never been so comfortable thanks to elbow pads, and never so heroic thanks to, well, everything else. All it needs is a cape.

The kid in this video should have had this onesie:

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