Nerdy Socks Make Great Stocking Stuffers


Ah, the mysterious and undeniable power of the nerdy sock. The silly sock is the best way to sneak a little personality into an otherwise boring outfit, and is a great gift for anyone. If someone doesn’t like a fun pair of socks, you should definitely squint your eyes a little and carefully consider who you’re dealing with. Generally, only a supervillain would hate a good geeky pair of socks.

The big bad world of novelty socks has done quite well for itself, so it’d be surprising for you to have a hard time finding the perfect pair for every kid (or adult) on your list.

Let’s take these Wonder Woman socks for example. They have little capes! How fun is that?


Do your little guys enjoy a good dose of the Doctor? If they just can’t stand to be away from the time traveling mayhem, these Dalek neon ankle-biters will make them feel right at home (even when they’re not).


And for the little guys who love My Little Pony and aren’t afraid to wear their Bronie pride on their feet, the perfect gift would look a little something like this.


Since My Little Pony is all about inclusion, we found some great Pony socks for girls to help round out the collection.


I would hate to neglect any budding samurai out there. For those who enjoy cosplaying with zori slippers (or maybe just like to sport a good pair of flip-flips in the winter), these Tabi socks are the perfect way to keep those toes warm. Etsy seller Irodori Life features a ton of designs for toe socks and also makes the Japanese sandals to go with them.



For kids who are a little out there, let them know you believe in them with these alien socks.


No matter which pair you pick out, if your gift comes from the heart and you encourage your giftee’s silly side, you’ll be their knight in shining armor (in most cases for less than $20 bucks).


The superhero Christmas stockings from the header image can be found here via Etsy.

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